Thursday, November 29, 2007

Somerset Christian College first to hear TNL

I had a great time last night with my new friends at Somerset Christian College. They had a panel discussion on art and faith issues and invited me along with Matt Milliner (millinerd) and Michael Cuozzo to be on it.

I was able for the first time to present publicly my new powerpoint for "The New Love" (TNL) - the book I am writing. The other presenters really gave me some insights and the we had a great dialog with the class.

My friend Keelan Downton is a professor of Narrative Biblical Theology there - he seems really poised to do some great work in this new position. We met this summer when I went to the National Council of Churches conference as a representative of Emergent Village. Besides his mind and basic cool nature, the thing I love about Keelan is that he did his PhD in Theology in Belfast Ireland and lived with Pete Rollins and the IKON community - serious emergent cred.

I'm going to start posting on TNL soon - I have to figure out how to do it well without giving away to much, while gaining from dialog it creates. I'm also considering starting a new blog.

Another post soon on the shooting outside my building the other night - with photo!