Monday, December 03, 2007

More Shooting in Spanish Harlem

Update: added the photo above, you can't quite see it in the darkness and low resolution, but on the top of that car on the left were three bullet holes. You can see the police car and the streets roped off, this is from the fire escape of our apartment.

I heard some bangs the other night, and thought they were just a cars exhaust backing up or something. A little later my roommate came running in to say that there was a shooting on the street right in front of the building next to mine. I looked out the window from our sixth floor walk-up (that's right) and on the roof of a car now surrounded by police tape, you could clearly see three holes - big holes.

I couldn't believe you could see it from that high up, but there they were. There must have been other bullet holes because we heard what sounded like 5-7 shots in rapid fire.

The weird thing is that they were on the roof, so in our CSI educated world of understanding trajectory, was the shooter in a building shooting down? Or was it a tall shooter on the street who pointed his gun down through the roof?

I've lived in NYC for eleven years now, and I've never seen crime like this.

So I'm experiencing living without a lot of things we take for granted where I come from, and now that includes personal safety.