Friday, September 02, 2005


I've had two meetings now with a pastor who wants to help us, along with being asked to consider joining his denomination - though he will help us either way.

We are definitely going to get some space to use, but there have been some details to work out with the schedule. So, good news!

Also, I had been hoping we could get space eventually in a certain part of town (they have two spaces), and at first it looked like we were going to be in another part of town - but because of some of the scheduling issues, we talked again, and he thinks it would be better for us to be in the other part of town, the part I prefered! Also, this space has the potential to be our permanent space for a number of years - to be where we hold our first service in Feb. 2006. That would be great - no need to look for space, but just grow into what we have. (maybe the Lord is going to give us growth earlier than we expected!!??)

Also, they are only going to charge us a percentage of our offerings, rather than a set price we have to come up with!! So, no financial pressure. Maybe that's why we don't have a denomination yet and the money they would provide - we may not need it, and will be free to grow naturally and support ourselves right from the start. That is a miracle in NYC.

We are going there next week to view the space and decide where is best (plenty of choices, in a large space). So, this is all taking longer than I wanted, but when you are being graciously offered real estate in NYC, you go according to their schedule.

In addition, another offer of space has been made in a local ministry space that I think we might use for our start team (leadership core team) meetings on Sunday. So, in NYC we have more offers of space than we need - that, my friends, would be like a homeless person having more money than he had pockets to hold it in! What a blessing.


Anonymous said...

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Cindy said...

Jeff- the spam on blogger is rampant. Go to the dashboard and turn on word verification.

Thanks for the update! God's pockets are never empty.

Nathan Hart said...

Hi Jeff. I am also a minister in NYC (currently commuting out to Long Island to a church, for my "day job" ;) Hey, I wanted to mention that if things don't work out with this current space, I know of some contacts you could try who would be excited to provide/rent some fantastic space. Email me if you want to talk. Peace.

Cindy said...

anything definite about your meeting space?