Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Work

So now the drama is over, and we're chugging along with Thursday night meetings and Sunday afternoon with the start team. I've been doing, "vision casting" with the start team for the first three weeks and for a little longer, but also this week we began our first real work assignments - we have to focus on fundraising, because we havn't joined a denomination yet, and so we are on our own financially.

We're producing a brochure that we can use for fundraising and in general, and I'm putting together a Board of Advisor's. I almost did that a year ago, but it just wasn't time yet in the development of things. I pretty much have a group of pastor friends who have been organically been fulfilling the role of a Board, but now I'm going to formalize it. This is also important because we are still independent.

Soon we will have to start working on music issues, finding composer's for the original works we want to do, and then musicians and other aspects, along with a salaried worship leader.

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Cindy said...

Good to hear from you, Jeff.

How many is the "we" you referred to?

Getting any sleep?