Friday, October 13, 2006

Cota goes Academic

This week we had a seminarian from Union Theological Seminary (The Seminary connected to Columbia University, and where Dietrich Bonhoeffer taught before returning to Germany to help the church oppose the Nazi's) visit with us. We discovered that we are now listed on Union's list of churches to visit for first year seminarians.

Here's how he described the listing....."a list of what our professors are calling "post-denominational" churches, the short description for Commuion of the Arts is "post-evangelical, with active artistic participation. Experimentally Eucharistic"
The class is called "Christianities in the City" and it is meant to introduce us to the diversity of Christianity through the unique perspective of the city, in particular New York."

Yes, I like that very much..."post-evangelical, with active artistic participation. Experimentally Eucharistic" Very spot on description of us.

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Adam Barnes said...

I'm glad you like the description. I should clarify that your church is on a list of many "post-denominational" churches so, I didn't want you to worry that you will be bombarded by seminarians over the next weeks, not that that would necessarily be a bad thing.