Sunday, February 10, 2008

My oh My, they tell me beards are in....

...well right here on this blog and on my face I've been practicing this lifestyle. In March of 2006 I was on the cutting edge of this trend and finally a wider audience is catching up.

Just look at some of the quotes from this week's Time magazine article:

"I am growing a beard," he explained. "They are sooo in right now."

"Beards are back," says Allan Peterkin, a pogonologist (a.k.a. beard scholar)

Like the rise and fall of women's hemlines, the presence and shape of hair on men's faces has often been a barometer of the national mood.

In the past year, male models have been strutting their scruff on runways, in fashion magazines and in ads for stores like Banana Republic. Brad Pitt walked the red carpet with one at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

"It is an act of rebellion. Men are trying to prove that they are no corporate slave."

For some, it's again a way to set themselves apart at a time when people are unhappy with the country's political and business leadership and uncertain about its economic future. Matthew Turtell, 25, an associate marketing manager at Rodale, says that his on-again, off-again beard helps him feel different from other working stiffs. "Even when I'm in a suit and tie, my beard helps remind me that I'm not conforming," he says.

So that's it, I am in the same mood as the country...Go OBAMA!!!!


Cindy said...

hey jeff. my husband has also been in and out of fashion with the same beard for many years. i think the last time he was without was around 1991.

Anonymous said...

The beard looks totaly great!