Sunday, January 01, 2006

An attempt to appear younger by blogging in the self revelatory way of the real blogging community

Here is a picture that really says who I am.

I'm just a little guy peering out from among the plumeria's.

Plumeria flowers grow on trees in Hawaii. I spent most of my twenties there. They grow year round.

Before I went to Hawaii, when I was nineteen years old, someone told me how it was amazing because you could actually just smell the scent of flowers in the air there.

So, when I first got off the plane in the airport, where a few of us were greeted by a lovely young woman who was friends with one of my fellow travellers, and we finally got outside of the airport and were putting our baggage in the car - suddenly I smelled it. I could smell the scent of flowers in the air!!!

Later as we drove along, I realized it was because the lovely young woman had a lei on, and I was smelling the plumeria's around her neck.

But even so, even later I came to realize, that it is still true that you can smell flowers in the air from time to time, whether because you are near a gathering of plumeria trees, or because someone is wearing a lei, which they so often are.


Cindy said...

thanks for the link, Jeff. and that's a nice little bit of self revelation. i haven't said much about my past on my blog. but then, i never lived in Hawaii. so are you saying you smell like flowers?

Mrs Zeke said...

Jeff next time you go to Hawaii can I go too? I can get in your suitcase if its a bigger one. I won't eat the whole time promise and ill sleep outside.

huh can I?

your are loved!