Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Sheath Unveiled

I love my post yesterday (below) for its ability to straddle the line deliciously between “stupidity and pure genius” to quote a fine fellow (he seems to be a fellow, but would be thrilled to discover she’s not).

All last night and this morning I have been privately cracking myself up with the goofiness of the term I minted, “accidental colonial sheathing”.  So, it was with great joy that I found a comment today, “as for me and my house, we’re still scratching our heads” by Call Me Ishmael at that is not my blog – one of the funniest and creative blogs in our genre I’ve seen (so glad he found me so I could find him).  

I thought to myself last night, “this one is really going to have people wondering” (scratching their heads).  And then I read his current post, which though not referring to me directly had a great quote of what he probably experienced when he read my post:

…It’s the same feeling I get when visiting many postmodern theology web sites. On such occasions I don’t know if I’m living with the consequences of my own inability to digest huge libraries of information before I turned 30, or if I’m actually experiencing something I once read about called “the Dopeler effect” (not to be confused with the Doppler effect), which is “the tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.” But since I rarely feel qualified to distinguish between stupidity and pure genius…

Yes, it’s good to have your private fears of your own stupidity publicly confirmed!!

I actually thought about taking the post off, but now that this has become so funny, I think it is good for my general humility to leave it on.

Break free from the Sheath!!!!

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